Thinking Local

I believe I've written before about how lucky I feel to have grown up in a pre-cable, VHF/UHF era ...
May 26, 2011

Dispatch from far afield: APEX in Ghana 2011

I've just returned from my fourth visit to Ghana with New York University's Audiovisual ...
May 24, 2011

Things That Shouldn't Be Archived #9 -- Practice Doesn't Make Perfect

As you no doubt heard, the Original Champagne Lady Norma Zimmer passed away recently. This was sad ...
May 18, 2011

Select Few

I may regret admitting this, but from the ages of about 9 to 14 I was pretty deep into collecting ...
May 3, 2011

AVPS Partners with METRO to Support Media Archiving

AudioVisual Preservation Solutions is again partnering with the Metropolitan New York Library ...
May 2, 2011


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