Preservation Is About Being Prepared For Institutional Failure

We were excited to see Part 1 of Jonathan Minard's documentary Archive -- a work about the "future ...
January 28, 2013

The Two Questions To Ask For Any Preservation Related Project

When I started running again after a short (uhhhh, 10 year) hiatus (man, I wish I had some fun ...
January 24, 2013

Are We Prepared For The Presidential Library Of The (Near) Future?

One has to assume that a major distrust of the shift to digital reformatting and preservation is ...
January 21, 2013

Failure Is a Part of Success

Earlier this week I attended the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) Annual Meeting ...
January 17, 2013

Saving And Archiving Are Not The Same

In my personal life I actively work against saving things. I actively work because it is difficult ...
January 8, 2013

Are The Aesthetics Of Decay And The Aesthetics Of Preservation Compatible?

If decay is a beautiful thing, why are we working so hard to preserve all this archival material?
January 3, 2013