The Things We Do #2 - Interview with Consultant Kathryn Gronsbell

The second in our "The Things We Do" series highlighting our great team at AVPreserve. In this ...
July 31, 2014

Making African Academic Resources Accessible

Audiovisual preservation is a global concern. Yes, there is very much a local or personal flavor to ...
July 30, 2014

Cloud Storage for Preservation Profile #6 Now Available

Consultant Seth Anderson's latest Cloud Storage for Preservation Vendor Profile is now available on ...
July 22, 2014

AVPreserve at Digital Directions, DigPres14

The AVPreserve team will be busy next week at bi-coastal digital preservation events. Consultant ...
July 21, 2014

AV Archives Night and Tweetup

Join us Wednesday, August 13th at the Black Cat for the officially unofficial SAA14 1st Annual AV ...
July 18, 2014

Comparing NDSA Levels Rankings Across Cloud Storage Vendors

Seth Anderson has been compiling a series of cloud storage vendor profiles over the past year with ...
July 18, 2014

Cost of Inaction Calculator Featured in IASA Journal

AVPreserve President Chris Lacinak has published an article on our Cost of Inaction (COI) ...
July 17, 2014

The Things We Do -- Catalyst Item Level Inventory

I'm experimenting with a new series here, tentatively title The Things We Do. In part inspired by ...
July 15, 2014

New Cloud Storage Vendor Profile - DuraCloud

AVPreserve has released the fifth in the series of Cloud Storage Vendor Profiles compiled by ...
July 10, 2014

Fixity Tutorial Now Available

This week AVPreserve released version 0.4 of Fixity, our free file monitoring tool. Fixity allows ...
July 9, 2014

Fixity 0.4 With OSX Support Released

AVPreserve is excited to announce the release of Fixity version 0.4, our free file monitoring ...
July 8, 2014

Fixity and Filesystems: Enhanced System Monitoring via inodes

A PDF version of this article is available here. If you have explored our checksum tool, Fixity, ...
July 7, 2014

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