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Indiana University Announces Release of MediaSCORE and MediaRIVERS

Indiana University announces the release of free, open source media preservation prioritization ...
March 12, 2015

AVPreserve Announces Release of Fixity 0.5

AVPreserve is pleased to announce the latest release of our Fixity file monitoring and attendance ...
March 5, 2015

AV Archives Night 2015 Call for Submissions

After the great success of our First Annual AV Archives Night at SAA 2014 we're excited to be ...
February 12, 2015

Make It Happen

As we saw in the recent #WhyAmIAnArchivist Twitter hashtag, for many people one of the inspirations ...
January 19, 2015

Hapy Holidays!

So late late late late Friday, we got our annual holiday cards in the post (Ain't no staff meeting ...
December 22, 2014

AVPreserve Holiday Cards

Our annual Holiday Cards, designed by Stephanie Housley and signed with cheer by the entire ...
December 22, 2014

Estimating Duration of Open Reel Audio

UPDATE: Find a simple Excel spreadsheet Duration Calculator here.
December 10, 2014

Another Fowl Thanksgiving

Growing up, my most memorable Thanksgiving was a non-Thanksgiving. 90% of my extended family lived ...
November 25, 2014

Maybe It Should Be Living Dead Media

I've been a long time fan of zombie movies. And I'm old. I'm letting you know this so you know that ...
November 19, 2014

Digital Preservation Is People

Preservation is a resource heavy endeavor. People. Time. Equipment. Infrastructure. Facilities. ...
November 14, 2014