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Newest AVPeep: David Agudelo-Frankel

Project Highlight: embARC

Aviary Updates: Webinar and Podcast Publishing

Blogs & Resources: New Blogs from Rebecca Chandler and Kerri Willette

From the Field: AV Preservation Textbook, IASA Journal

AVP Spotlight: Amy Rudersdorf

Conference News & Notes: DLF/NDSA, OHA, AMIA

Welcome Our Newest AVPeep!
David Agudelo-Frankel Joins the AVP Team

AVP is happy to announce that we’ve expanded our Madison-based team with Full Stack Software Engineer David Agudelo-Frankel.

David loves solving complex problems. From his experience as a freelance developer, he brings an understanding of the entire development process from discovery to deployment. He has built applications in Node.js, Angular, Ruby on Rails, and  more. An eager learner, he jumps at the opportunity to learn new technology to tackle projects. David says as soon as he checked out AVP’s website, he knew he would be a good fit, “The variety of projects, industries, and clients spoke to me about their willingness to tackle any problem, be innovative, and prioritize the excellence of their work.”Not just a developer, David has a business degree from the University of North Carolina with a minor in sustainability. While there, he started a design thinking club and brings the same user- centered approach to all his projects. He feels right at home with graphs, spreadsheets, drawings, and sticky notes.

Project Highlight

AVP is proud to continually participate in the development of open-source tools in service of archiving, preservation, and data management. One of our latest projects on this front is embARC. embARC is a tool for reading, writing, and editing embedded metadata in media files. embARC is using a module-based approach that will ultimately support multiple file formats. First out of the gate is support for DPX files. The application was developed through a partnership between AVP, FADGI and the Library of Congress. This partnership has made embARC’s source code available on github


embARC's support for DPX is an important piece in the overall picture of film preservation. DPX (Digital Picture Exchange) is a widely adopted standard by organizations that are scanning their films for preservation and access. These organizations have been constrained in their ability to work with DPX files, in part due to the limited availability of tools for doing so. embARC's support for DPX files greatly increases capabilities for working with this format, bringing about increased efficiency, quality, and productivity. 

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, for yourself or your organization, you should be using embARC!

Are you creating DPX files through internal film scanning operations? 

• Yes! You can use embARC to embed key metadata like titles and file order during your production. 

Does your archive have legacy DPX files?  

• Yes! With embARC you can easily read DPX files, check the information, and add to it or edit it. 

Are you working with a vendor on a film digitization project?

• Yes! Use embARC for quality control and as part of the post-digitization and ingest workflow.

Read more about embARC at the following links:


Aviary Webinar

Wondering how Aviary might work for sharing your audio and video content? Check out this webinar and get the big picture! 

Aviary as Podcast Publisher

The Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies at Yale University has launched a phenomenal new podcast titled "Those Who Were There: Voices from the Holocaust." The podcast draws on recorded interviews from the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies and presents the first-hand accounts of survivors and witnesses.

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 9.33.24 PM

The Archive used Aviary's support for podcast publishing to push the podcast to all of the popular podcast platforms while simultaneously publishing the podcast in Aviary to improve SEO and make the content more searchable and usable.

Do you have a podcast? Find cost efficiencies compared to other podcast publishers while simultaneously improving user experience and increasing SEO.

Want a Personalized Demo of Aviary?

Book a time here and we'll show you how it could work for your organization. 

Aviary on the Road

We are bringing Aviary to several upcoming conferences. See us at DLF/NDSA, OHA, AMIA, and more. Details in Conferences News & Notes below. 

Blogs & Resources

How to Succeed in an AV Digitization Without Really Trying

dead tape-1

By Rebecca Chandler

Check out this pragmatic and humorous blog post on how to successfully knock out a digitization project in 9 easy steps! Rebecca Chandler breaks down this big topic into an easy to follow process.

Handy Tools for Remote User Research

By Kerri Willette 

In recent months at AVP, we’ve been engaged in a variety of projects that find us facilitating and organizing remote user tests, interviews, and workshops that help our clients improve user experience for their internal systems and workflows. We thought it might be useful to share some of the tools and techniques we rely on when conducting remote user experience work. 

RIPDASA Digital Preservation for AV Archives Webinar (Spanish)

AVP is partnering with RIPDASA (Spanish acronym for The Ibero American Network for Digital Preservation of Audio and Audiovisual Archives) to present a series of webinars about audiovisual preservation. Watch the first one here on Aviary. This series of six webinars are offered in open access, which are aimed at researchers, teachers, archivists, librarians and information professionals interested in knowing and updating about the processes, techniques and technologies of digital preservation of sound and audiovisual archives. The webinars are hosted in Aviary and have Spanish transcripts available. Learn more about this collaboration here

From the Field

Fundamentals of AV Preservation Textbook

AV Preservation? We wrote the book on it. Literally. Check out our take on audiovisual preservation that was published by NEDCC here

The Digital Archives Handbook

This "Guide to Creation, Management, and Preservation," edited by Aaron Purcell features Bertram Lyons writing an overview of Digital Preservation in Chapter 3. 

IASA Journal

Bertram Lyons just completed the editing of Issue 50 of the IASA Journal. This issue also marks the first one published in an open access journal publishing platform. Check out new articles from thought leaders in the global audiovisual archives community.

Jackson Hole News & Guide

Aviary is featured in this news article for bringing audio and video searchability to wide array of use cases at a local level.

AVPeep Spotlight

We’d like to shine the spotlight on Amy Rudersdorf, Senior Consultant at AVP. Amy focuses on the consulting areas of digital systems and preservation assessment, technology acquisition and implementation, and data analysis and migration.Amy_Web-2

How long have you been with AVP?

Over three years! I started with AVP in February 2016.

Where did your career path take you before joining AVP?

My career path has taken me in many different directions in my life. I thought, for absolute certainty, that there would be an aspect of visual art in any work I would do. That happened in my younger days — I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a major in English, and a sort-of minor (Madison didn’t technically have minors at the time) in Art History. I actually dropped out of college for a while and lived and worked in Budapest, Hungary, for a contemporary arts organization funded by George Soros. So, after graduation, it made sense to continue on that trajectory at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and later Rhona Hoffman Gallery, both in Chicago.

I fell in love with research and editing, which led me to a job as an editorial assistant on the International Dictionary of Black Composers. It’s this job, in particular, that was the impetus for me to go to graduate school. At the time, online databases were horrible (and I spent a heck of a lot of time using them for the IDBC), and I decided I wanted to be part of making them more useful and usable. This led me to a graduate program in Library and Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh. Fast forward through my work as a web developer, metadata librarian, co-head of the UW Digital Collections Center, as the Digital Projects Librarian for Special Collections at NC State, to my work running the Digital Information Management Program at the State Library of North Carolina. There, I was responsible for building a digitization and digital preservation program for state publications. This work was exciting, and really set me on the path that eventually brought me to AVP (after a three-year stint wrangling metadata and organizing partnerships with the Digital Public Library of America). Today, I’m at AVP and not planning on going anywhere else for a good long time!

What do you love most about working at AVP?

There’s so much to love. I’m not the first one to say this, but I do love my colleagues — the AVPeeps — and the clients that we’re lucky enough to work with every day. They, and the problems we’re helping them solve, get me up in the morning ready to work hard each day! The diversity of the work we are lucky enough to do is also exciting, and I’m awed and inspired by my colleagues’ abilities to wrap their minds around these challenges and find innovative solutions to support our clients. Go team! 

A fun fact about your life?

My summer job when I was in college was as a tour guide and driver at the Original Wisconsin Ducks.

Conference News & Notes
DLF NDSA 2019 Tag

Digital Library Federation 2019 Forum and NDSA Digital Preservation

AVP's Amy Rudersdorf and Kerri Willette will be in Austin at DLF/NDSA in Tampa October 15-18. We'll be there with an Aviary table to do demonstrations and figure out how it could work for you. Also feel free to schedule a time to meet with Amy and Kerri to talk about an idea you have for a potential project by sending them an email. 

Kerri and Amy are both on panels during the conference. Be sure to check out Amy and Indiana University's Juliet Hardesty at their session "Getting AMPPD Up — Progress Towards the Audiovisual Metadata Platform (AMP)" on Tuesday, October 15 • 3:15pm - 4:10pm.

Kerri is joining colleagues for "Platforms and Pitfalls: Oral History Keepers Share Their Approach to Managing, Sharing, and Preserving AV Content" on Tuesday, October 15th from 4:35pm - 5:30pm.

During the subsequent NDSA Digital Preservation conference, Amy will also join Deirdre Joyce from Syracuse University for "Planning, Policy, & Workflow Development for Syracuse University Library’s Digital Preservation Program" on Thursday, October 17 • 9:00am - 9:55am. 

Oral History Association

AVP's Chris Lacinak and January Jones will be attending the Oral History Associations' Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City from October 15-19. Email January to book a time to learn more about how Aviary works for oral history collections.

Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) 2019

Join AVP's Chris Lacinak and January Jones at AMIA in Baltimore. AVP will be demonstrating how Aviary works for sharing audiovisual content in the expo hall. Chris will be part of a session on "Open Sourcing Online Video Distribution Technologies" with Erwin Verbruggen and Johan Oomen, from Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, and Nick Richardson from the Australian Centre for the Moving Image on November 15th at 9:30 AM. 

Archives, Libraries, Museums in the Digital World 2019 Prague

Bertram Lyons will be presenting a day long seminar on the digital management and preservation form on December  4, 2019 hosted at the National Archives in Prague.

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