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Project Highlight
Visipec: Using Big Data for Big Impact

When the National Wildlife Federation needed a partner to help develop a big data solution to support the monitoring of deforestation through supply chain analysis of the cattle industry they turned to AVP. The outcome was Visipec, an application that integrates data from public databases and provides unprecedented insights into the cattle supply chain and deforestation. While Visipec is optimized for use by Brazilian meatpackers, utilizing data about where cattle are living and grazing before they go to meat and leather markets can provide supply chain assurances that Brazil’s environmental regulations were followed - information that companies and investors need to continue to source and finance products from Brazil’s rainforest regions with confidence. Visipec can also be used to provide aggregate information and summary reports for retailers, supermarkets, banks, investors, and financial institutions.

Visipec illustrates the potential of using big data to solve complex and real-world problems and has been written about in the New York Times and the Financial Times.

Read more about Visipec here.


Aviary Webinars


Join us for our new monthly Aviary webinar series. See an overview of the platform, get the latest updates, and have your questions answered on how Aviary can work for your organization. Catch us every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 1 PM EST.  Register here.

  • 02/12/20
  • 03/11/20
  • 04/08/20

We've also recently posted three webinars highlighting the growth of our Aviary integrations and partnerships!

New Aviary Features

  • Use Aviary for your automated Speech-to-Text transcription workflow. Aviary integrates directly with IBM Watson Speech-to-Text service for a seamless experience. View returned automated transcripts directly in the Aviary interface to evaluate the quality, and provide immediate searchability of the transcript to increase accessibility of your audio and video content. See this great talk from ARSC 2013 on Mississippi John Hurt - the transcript is taken directly from IBM Watson and closed captions are also created automatically in the process. 
  • Want to use your own URL instead of using the domain for your Aviary website? Indiana University has done just that, and you can, too! Aviary now supports fully custom domains, e.g., visit and see for yourself — you may not notice when you get there, but you’re on a fully functional Aviary site!
  • Host and publish your podcast directly from Aviary using Aviary’s new RSS podcast feeds! Get the utility of a podcast publisher while simultaneously improving SEO and building a searchable podcast collection. The Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies is doing just that. See here

Want to find out if Aviary might be the right fit for you?

Book a time here to chat. 

Blogs & Resources

Shaping the Future of Digital Preservation in Ibero AmericaSound and Audiovisual Archives Observatory

By Pamela Vizner Oyarce

The Ibero-American Network of Digital Preservation for Audio and Moving Image Archives seeks to bridge the gap in knowledge, resources, and technology in global archives. Read the recap of the first meeting of RIPDASA (Spanish acronym). 

3 Parts Digital Preservation

By Amy Rudersdorf

This series of three blog posts communicates the value and need for thinking through digital preservation storage. And there is a self-assessment quiz to get you going!

Change Is Hard. Rally Around Your Vision

By Kara Van Malssen

Establishing a shared vision is key to maintaining momentum for large digital transformation efforts. And it's not a once and done kind of thing. Kara Van Malssen's latest blog post will encourage you to push ahead!

From the Field

AVP's Bertram Lyon's JTS Conference Presentation on Video Forensics

AVP's Bertram Lyons is at the cutting-edge of video forensics. During the Joint Technical Conference hosted at Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Bert and Dan Fisher blew some minds and shared their work on tracing the provenance of digital video files.  

World Digital Preservation Day 2019

For World Digital Preservation Day 2019, AVP’s Amy Rudersdorf explained why documenting your digital preservation program is really, really important.

Workplace Flexibility Boosts Remote Teams’ Loyalty

AVP President and Founder Chris Lacinak shares his experience with managing remote teams in this interview published by Transformify. 

AVPeep Spotlight

We’d like to shine the spotlight on David Agudelo-Frankel, a Full Stack Software Engineer with AVP, working on both the project and product side of the business.david

How long have you been with AVP?

I’m the newest AVPeep. I’ve been with AVP for 3 months and have gotten lucky enough to go to one of our three yearly retreats already.

Where did your career path take you before joining AVP?

My career path has been very non-sequitur. I graduated with a business major, and found myself working for a high-end men’s suit store after going in looking for a suit for interviews. While running an errand, I met the owner of a coffee company and ultimately helped them open and manage their first and second café locations. During that time, I discovered a passion for web and software development and decided to pursue that. After some months of freelance work, I saw AVP’s opening and knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

What do you love most about working at AVP? 

If you read these quarterly, you’ll see two answers a lot, but it really is true: the other AVPeeps and our clients. It’s motivating and inspiring to be surrounded by people who are as smart and work as hard as they do. But almost as important is the fact that they’re equally fun and easy to be around. It’s one thing to enjoy working with people, it’s another to enjoy being around them, fortunately we get both. Secondly, our clients and projects are fun. There’s a ton of variety and lots of challenges and that ensures we never get bored.

A fun fact about your life?

Until middle school, I used to show cows at the North Carolina State Fair. Starting in summer, I would go over to our family friend’s dairy farm and train the show cows. Training consisted of walking them around a large oval pen and getting them used to being led and positioned for judging. As a young kid, the training was absolutely terrible (it’s like practicing an incredibly boring sport), but getting to spend the night at the state fair, the actual competing, the blue ribbons, and the prize money all made it worth it.

Conference News & Notes

EQZE School, Jan 28-31
Pamela Vizner will be teaching a video digitization class as part of the coursework associated with EQZE’s (Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola) Film Preservation program in Sebastián, Spain. The program brings in over 20 subject matter experts from around the globe for the course duration. The hands-on program gives students real-world experience through interaction with the Basque Film Archive.

Code4Lib, March 8-11
AVP’s Shawn Averkamp is headed to Code4Lib in Pittsburg to present about AVP’s work with the AMPPD project on automated metadata generation for audiovisual materials. Code4Lib is a volunteer-driven collective of hackers, designers, architects, curators, catalogers, artists and instigators from around the world, who largely work for and with libraries, archives and museums on technology “stuff.” If you would like to meet up with Shawn at Code4Lib, drop here an email here

Henry Stewart DAM New York 2020, April 14-15
We’re headed to Henry Stewart DAM New York 2020 and will have a booth to be able to share more about the extensive work we do in the areas of digital asset management planning and implementation. Come visit with us and share your DAM hopes and challenges! If you didn’t know, AVP DAM services include: requirements documentation; metadata & taxonomy development; user experience design; migration planning; permissions definition, and rollout support. 

Archivematica Con, April 15-17
AVP’s Aviary platform integrates with both preservation and access systems. Pamela Vizner will be at Archivematica Con in Brooklyn to demonstrate how Archivematica and Aviary work together to serve up your audiovisual materials in a new way. Meet up with Pamela and learn more about Aviary at Archivematica Con. Meet up with Pamela and learn more about Aviary by booking some time here

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