AVP Services for DLFforum & DigiPres

AVP's years of involvement in the digital preservation and libraries community has shaped the services we provide. With our deep understanding of needs and challenges, we have developed a mix of services, products, and resources for organizations of all sizes. Explore them below and reach out when you are ready to discuss a project. I-do-not-ingest-in-jest


Digital Preservation Assessments and Audit Packages- Identify areas of need, prioritize, and plan for next steps 

Digital Preservation Go! - A low-cost maturity assessment tool combining self-directed surveys with one-on-one time with an AVP consultant 


Aviary- AVP's audiovisual streaming platform with advanced permissions, searchability, and transcripts

Fixity & Fixity Pro (coming soon)- Automated monitoring and reporting on the data integrity of stored files.


DOCUMENT THIS. And This. And This, Too
Digital Preservation Storage- The Basics
The Benefits and Drawbacks of DIY Digital Preservation
Digital Preservation Webinars