Disaster Response Information & Assistance

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy we compiled a list of disaster response resources such as guidelines, advisory services, relief grant opportunities, and aggregate sites, especially focusing on resources related to audiovisual assets. These resources are pertinent to any type of disaster, not just hurricanes and floods. In our experience implementing such efforts to assist people affected by the flooding, the fact was heavily underscored that an emergency preparedness plan alleviates much of the stress and uncertainty.

We were overwhelmed by the response we saw throughout the archiving and arts community, from volunteers, and from those outside the region lending their support and spreading advice through social media. Twitter, you're all right.

*Audiovisual Specific*
Association of Moving Image Archivists: Disaster - First Actions: First Actions for Film, Tape and Discs
National Film & Sound Archive Australia: First aid for water damage
Washing and Handling Wet Film (video demonstration): http://www.folkstreams.net/vafp/clip.php?id=63
Disaster Recovery for Films in Flooded Areas by Mick Newnham
Specs Bros Hurricane and Flood Recovery Info for Video and Audiotape http://www.specsbros.com/hflood_recover.htm
And Disaster Recovery Checklist: http://www.specsbros.com/recover.html

National Park Service Conserv-O-Gram Salvage of Water Damaged Collections: Paper, Non-Paper Based, Objects, Natural History, Textiles
National Film & Sound Archive Australia Disaster Planning : http://www.nfsa.gov.au/preservation/handbook/disaster-planning/
*Direct Response & Support*
Northeast Document Conservation Center 24 hour Disaster Assistance Hotline: (978) 470-1010
American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works Disaster Response & Recovery Hotline: (202) 661-8068
And the website: http://www.conservation-us.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=Page.viewPage&pageId=695
Lyrasis Disaster Assistance:
Phone - (800) 999-8558
Email - disaster@lyrasis.org
Website - Disaster Assistance
Mid-Atlantic Region Archives Conference Disaster Relief Fund: http://www.marac.info/disaster-relief--
SAA National Disaster Recovery Fund for Archives: http://www2.archivists.org/news/2008/national-disaster-recovery-fund-for-archives
New York State Archives Disaster Assistance: http://www.archives.nysed.gov/a/records/mr_disaster.shtml
*Multi-topic & Aggregated Resources*
Preservation Response & Recovery Resources from Library of Congress: http://www.loc.gov/preservation/emergprep/recovery.html
NARA Records Emergency Information : http://www.archives.gov/preservation/records-emergency/
METRO Disaster Recovery Resources List : http://metro.org/articles/disaster-recovery-resources/