More Podcast Less Process Episode Two Released

AVPreserve announces the release of episode #2 of "More Podcast, Less Process", the archives podcast co-produced with METRO. This week's episode is "How to Preserve Change: Activist Archives & Video Preservation" with guests Grace Lile and Yvonne Ng of WITNESS. A human rights organization that trains partners worldwide on how to document and disseminate evidence of human rights abuses using video, WITNESS has amassed a sizable collection of analog and digital video over the past 20 years. Grace and Yvonne manage the archive, and this past spring they released The Activists' Guide to Archiving Video, a compendium of tips, case studies, and tools to help people manage their digital video collections from the point of creation through to long term preservation. It was a fascinating conversation, and we hope you enjoy. You can listen through iTunes, Soundcloud, and Internet Archive; find information and direct downloads on the More Podcast, Less Process page at keepingcollections. org, or follow our RSS feed at



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