Filter, Focus, Forward: A New AVP Blog Series

Filter, Focus, Forward is the 2020 mantra I created for myself back in the beginning of the year. ...
March 25, 2020

Filter, Focus, Forward: Tip #2 - Avoiding the Assumption Rut

Filter, Focus, Forward is a new AVP blog series about filtering out distraction and negativity, ...
March 23, 2020

Filter, Focus, Forward: Intro & Tip 1

Filter, Focus, Forward is the 2020 mantra I created for myself back in the beginning of the year. ...
March 19, 2020

Why do Music Libraries ❤️ Aviary?

Aviary is a game changer for accessible, connected, and protected audio and visual content. We've ...
February 21, 2020

DOCUMENT THIS. And this. And this, too.

As a consultant with AVP, I work with many different types of organizations to help them assess and ...
February 5, 2020

Digital Preservation Storage- The Basics

When it comes to digital assets, digital preservation storage, and the various digital preservation ...
December 26, 2019

AVP Holiday Card – 2019

Artwork by Stephanie Housley from Coral & Tusk (scratch off) 
December 23, 2019

Shaping the Future of Digital Preservation in Ibero America

This post is by Pamela Vizner Oyarce, AVP Consultant and RIPDASA member. Pamela has participated in ...
December 12, 2019

AVP 2019 Holiday Card

Did you receive an AVP holiday scratch off card this year? If so, what scene is beneath your ...
December 10, 2019

AVP’s Bertram Lyons Joins Colleagues in Prague for Digital Preservation Seminar

At AVP we have a dedicated team of globetrotters with a mission to solve problems around data ...
November 27, 2019


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